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Debian Release Name

Hi. Today Today I leardned about the relationship between the name of the Debian’ releases and the names of the characters of “toy Story”. So I want to explain it to you.
The names of the Debian’ releases come from “Toy Story”, the famous Pixar’s film (link). This is true since the release 1.1, released in the 1996. By this time, Bruce Perens had taken over leadership of the Project from Ian Murdock and Bruce was working as system programmer at Pixar.

So the release 1.1 (June 17th, 1996) was called Buzz, like the character “Buzz Lightyear” (the space ranger) (images).
The release 1.2 (December 12th, 1996) was called Rex, the name of the plastic dinosaur in the movie (images).
The release 1.3 (June 5th, 1997) was called Bo, the name of the shepherdess “Bo Peep” (images).
The release 2.0 (July 24th, 1998) was called Hamm, the name of the piggy-bank (images).
The release 2.1 (March 9th, 1999) was called Slink, the name of the slinky-dog (images).
The release 2.2 (15 August 2000) was called Potato, the name of “Mr Potato Head” (images).
The release 3.0 (19 July 2002) was called Woody, the name of the main character in the movie: “Woody” the cowboy (images).
The release 3.1 (6 June 2005) was called Sarge, the name of the sergeant of the Green Plastic Army Men (images).
The release 4.0 (8 April 2007) was called Etch, the name of sketch toy (images).
The release 5.0 (February 2009) was called Lenny, the name of the wind up binoculars (images).

The last two notes:
1 – the future stable release will be called squeeze (now in testing) as a three-eyed alien race in the movie (images).
2 – the name of unstable branch is Sid, like the boy next door Andy who destroyed the toys. This branch contains the lastest software and therefore not recommended for security and stability, defined as “critical”. As you can see, the name is very suited (images).

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